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I was recently added to the Practitioners Directory of FACT, an organization devoted to Non-Toxic Biological Approaches to the Theories, Treatments and Prevention of Cancer.

Arlene Prince – Mind/Body Medicine

Mind/Body Medicine
30 Chardavoyne Road
Warwick, N.Y. 10990
Tel: (845) 258-2021
email: arleneprince1@gmail.com
Website: www.mindbodytherapies.net
Skype, Zoom and Phone Consultations Available

Arlene Prince has been immersed in Mind/Body Medicine for over 50 years. Having received advanced training at the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School, she has taught and lectured widely and worked with many pioneers in the field. In the late 70s, she came into contact with F.A.C.T., seeking help for her mother with cancer. She learned about the power of the metabolic/Biorepair program, which also stressed the importance of understanding how thoughts and feelings can support (or hijack) healing. This was the foundation for her current 28 year private practice integrating mind/body techniques with the principles of the Biorepair comprehensive healing program.

Her approach is very personal, exploring the many aspects of an individual’s experience with stress, spirituality, lifestyle choices, environment and more. A variety of therapies can be employed, including Relaxation Response Techniques, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Hypnosis and Guided Imagery, Meditation and Mindfulness, Nutrition, etc.

There is a free, no obligation initial 20 minute phone consult.


The following information is quoted from F.A.C.T.

Do you have questions about cancer, alternative cancer therapies, biorepair or F.A.C.T.? Read on to find answers to commonly asked questions.

1. How does the biological repair cancer therapy differ from conventional cancer therapies?

Conventional medicine holds that the tumor is, in effect, the disease and, therefore, treatment is focused on combinations of protocols, such as chemotherapy and radiation, which destroy cancer cells, but can harm healthy cells as well. These protocols can buy time, but have no intrinsic healing properties. The yardstick of success is the 5-year survival rate.

The biological repair approach views cancer as a systematic problem. A tumor or abnormal cells are symptoms of a biochemical breakdown which can be corrected with a comprehensive, non-toxic, metabolic program. Such a biorepair system seeks to balance and strengthen all body functions in order to produce healthy cells and restore well being. The yardstick of success is long term recovery.

2. I just got diagnosed with cancer. What should I do?

First, become well informed about all your treatment options. Learn as much as you can about the Biorepair approach from the resources – books, audio tapes, articles – on this site. If these concepts make sense to you, begin to make healthier lifestyle choices, but also seek guidance from a doctor or health care professional comfortable with this type of system. The FACT Practitioner Directory is a good place to begin your search for help.  We will be adding names in the coming months so check back frequently. 

DO NOT RELY ON THE INTERNET FOR SOLUTIONS. There are a plethora of therapies being touted today, and each may have been helpful for some individuals in some way. FACT’s many years of experience have taught that every individual is different. There is no one size fits all program. The internet may provide avenues for exploration, but is not reliable for diagnosis and cure. Seek the advice of an experienced professional.

A biological approach to controlling cell production is far from a simplistic or unsophisticated method of healing. Well-trained practitioners who understand interrelationships and interdependencies, i.e., the physiology of the whole body, know how to individualize a program.  Indeed, the breadth of knowledge required by the doctor to address each patient’s unique physiology returns medicine to real art, as embodied by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine. This knowledge honors the essence of the Hippocratic Oath, which doctors today all around the world are sworn to uphold, the primary tenet of which is, “First, do no harm.”

3. What is the best way to restore healthy cell production?

Healthy cell production can be restored by balancing and strengthening all body functions: nutrition and the organs of metabolism, lymphatic drainage, glandular function, waste elimination, circulation, stress management, structural balance, etc. Any weak link can compromise the efficient functioning of the body as a whole.

Nutrition is a primary tool, specifically the proper supply of nutrients, primarily from the food supply. This does not mean vegetarianism, high protein, macrobiotic diets or megadoses of vitamins, minerals, selenium, vitamin C, zinc, beta carotene or any other concentrated substances. Normal amounts of the right foods applicable to the human system, as with all species in nature, stimulate the healing process. Exaggerated amounts of single substances overload and exhaust the body energy, using up enzymes required to metabolize the rest of the food intake. A well-balanced diet of whole, unprocessed, preferably organic foods will provide the raw materials necessary to build healthy cells and restore health. Supplements should be of highest quality, preferably food form, and  should not be taken routinely unless to address a specific deficiency or weakness.

The other primary tool is periodic detoxification. See Question 6.

4. What about the tumor or the cancer cells? How do I destroy them?

In some cases excision of the tumor by surgery may be appropriate, especially if there is blockage or pain. Otherwise surgery may not be necessary, unless the presence of the tumor is causing undue stress which can impede healing.  With or without surgery, follow-up with a competent biorepair program. This can reduce the chances of recurrence or metastases because it strengthens and energizes the immune system to recognize cancer cells as foreign substances and process them for elimination.

With biorepair, the tumor may shrink or disappear over time, or perhaps, as in some cases, remain, even though scans show NED (No Evidence of Disease) and wellness is regained. Be wary of the single botanical or pharmaceutical that promises quick results, i.e. tumor reduction, rather than long-term recovery. Nature heals best in a gentle, gradual way.

5. Is there a different biological therapy for breast, lung, pancreatic or any other specific type of cancer?

The information on our website, hopefully, will make clear that a good biologically sound therapy is non-specific to the tumor site. FACT’s position is that cancer is a systemic disease, i.e., the tumor or abnormal cells are merely a symptom of a bio-chemical imbalance in the body as a whole that must be attended to. Treatments that focus merely on killing cancer cells ignore the root cause of the problem – a breakdown in body chemistry causing abnormal cell production.

A well-designed, individualized metabolic program focuses on the host, not the tumor. Such a program provides the body with all the nutritional materials and conditions necessary to produce healthy cells and restore overall well-being.

6. What role does detoxification play in the healing process?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) over 85% of cancers are environmentally caused. We live in a sea of synthetic chemicals in our food, air and water which are implicated in a myriad of health problems. This is a tremendous assault on the human body which, in its strong instinct for survival, will seek to store these toxins in cells all over the body in order to keep the bloodstream as unpolluted as possible. However, over time, the toxic build-up mounts, exhausts  organs and glands and takes its toll on body function. A serious, seemingly sudden breakdown, like cancer, can result.

This is why periodic detoxification is an integral part of any comprehensive biorepair system. As the diet is improved, the immune system becomes energized to “clean house,” i.e., release stored toxin from the cells into the channels of elimination (kidneys, bowel, lymphatics, skin). Various healing  symptoms can result  which is why professional guidance is strongly recommended. Detoxification is a vital tool for helping the body move these toxins out of the system as efficiently as possible.

Good health is really as simple – and as complicated – as what goes in and what goes out! You put the good stuff in which energizes the body to work to throw out the bad stuff. With time you’ll start to recognize the messages your body’s sending and you’ll learn to know when to take a break from building up (diet) to throwing out (detox). To many, learning to understand and trust the wisdom of the body is one of the great dividends of the biorepair approach.

There are various ways to detox which a healthcare professional can assist you with. The booklet, Detoxification by Ruth Sackman, includes instructions for several regimens and is available on this website.

7. Is a biological approach also effective for other diseases?

As exemplified in the film Rethinking Cancer with the case of Lyme Disease, biorepair can be applicable to most any chronic disease or condition. Chronic problems are largely the result of toxicity accumulated over time from environmental contamination or poor lifestyle habits. Whatever condition, the focus is always “First, do no harm.” Clean out the junk that is overloading the system; provide the body with all the materials and conditions necessary to support and strengthen innate healing capacity. Prolonged treatment of symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs does not correct root cause and adds to the toxic load.

8.What is FACT’s opinion regarding meat in one’s diet?

There are some people who can be vegetarians and others who cannot. It depends on the individual’s background. The body in its wisdom tends to adapt to its environment and after generations of meat eating, most people need to have small amounts of flesh protein (meat or fish) in the diet. If there is a dietary change toward vegetarianism in one generation, the next generation may be more adapted to vegetarianism.

9.What is the purpose of this website?

Because FACT has developed an enormous collection of data relative to biologically-sound cancer systems that have produced good, long-term results, we feel obligated to share this information as widely as possible, hence the film and this website. As time goes on we will make available as much of our resource materials as possible on this site, including a Practitioners Directory to help those interested in locating a practitioner or clinic in their area.  Our goal is to enable people, when confronted with a serious medical situation,  to make the wisest decisions possible.

10. How did FACT come about?

FACT was organized nearly 40 years ago by a group of people who had been intimately involved with cancer – some as caretakers of cancer patients who had experienced conventional treatments, others as recovered patients themselves who had opted to forgo orthodox therapies. They learned through their personal experiences that the conventional protocols had no curative possibilities. The use of highly toxic agents for killing cancer cells was capable of buying time, but in no way did these agents correct cell production or strengthen the body as a whole.

The group conducted a careful worldwide investigation of doctors, clinics and literature, including medical papers dating back over a century ago. These sources postulated a very different concept of cancer from standard practice.  Cells (the tumor) are not a phenomenon unrelated to the whole body or host. Indeed, they are only a symptom of a malfunction of body chemistry resulting in abnormal cell production. It became clear that cancer treatment, therefore, should be focused on restoring health to the host by doing everything possible to empower the body’s innate healing capability. The primary consideration is that no harm be done. This suggests that toxic radiation and chemotherapy should only be considered as crisis medicine — not the standard protocols they have become today.

Having become convinced that this concept is logical, biologically-sound, and capable of producing long term recovery, the group felt obligated to disseminate the information it had uncovered as broadly as possible. In 1971 Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy (FACT) was formed to serve as a referral service and educational clearing house to inform both professional and lay people about a different concept of cancer therapy.

11. What is F.A.C.T.’s position on the Navarro Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) Urine Immunoassay as a cancer diagnostic?

The Navarro HCG test is a noninvasive urinalysis that can, with a high degree of accuracy, detect cell activity which may be indicative of a precancerous or cancer condition. The test has been used successfully for decades by many of our cancer patients to monitor their progress on a Biorepair/metabolic program. However, in order to benefit from this test, it is crucial that results are interpreted correctly. Limitations and nuances, some of which have emerged over the last 50 plus years as a result of Dr. Navarro’s experience with the test, must be clearly understood.

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