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FACT (Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Therapy)

I was recently added to the Practitioners Directory of FACT, an organization devoted to Non-Toxic Biological Approaches to the Theories, Treatments and Prevention of Cancer.

Arlene Prince – Mind/Body Medicine

Mind/Body Medicine
30 Chardavoyne Road
Warwick, N.Y. 10990
Tel: (845) 258-2021
email: arleneprince1@gmail.com
Website: www.mindbodytherapies.net
Skype, Zoom and Phone Consultations Available

Arlene Prince has been immersed in Mind/Body Medicine for over 50 years. Having received advanced training at the Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School, she has taught and lectured widely and worked with many pioneers in the field. In the late 70s, she came into contact with F.A.C.T., seeking help for her mother with cancer. She learned about the power of the metabolic/Biorepair program, which also stressed the importance of understanding how thoughts and feelings can support (or hijack) healing. This was the foundation for her current 27 year private practice integrating mind/body techniques with the principles of the Biorepair comprehensive healing program.

Her approach is very personal, exploring the many aspects of an individual’s experience with stress, spirituality, lifestyle choices, environment and more. A variety of therapies can be employed, including Relaxation Response Techniques, Stress Management, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Positive Psychology, Hypnosis and Guided Imagery, Meditation and Mindfulness, etc.

There is a free, no obligation initial 20 minute phone consult.


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