Mind/Body Therapies for Health, Healing & Human Potential

Arlene Prince (845) 258-2021

Warwick, N.Y.

Mind/Body Medicine

Holistic Health and Healing

   Mind/Body Medicine is a recognized field of medicine founded upon scientific research and clinical experiments conducted worldwide since the 1950's.   It is a holistic model that addresses the influence of thoughts, feelings and beliefs; lifestyle habits and behaviors; diet; relationships and social support; environment; and the role of stress on health and healing.

   This awareness that mind and body interact has important implications for the way we view illness and treat disease.   One basic tenet of the mind/body model is that it is most effective to treat the whole person-mind, body and spirit.   Another tenet is that when people participate in becoming responsible for their own health, as partners with their health care providers, more positive therapeutic outcomes result.

   Research (conducted at The Mind/Body Medical Institute of Harvard Medical School as well as other institutions worldwide) continues to mount that Mind/Body Medicine can reduce the severity and frequency of medical symptoms, improve quality of life, strengthen the body's resistance to disease and, in some cases, reverse the course of disease.   Mind/Body Medicine is meant to complement, not replace, medical care.

            Treating The Person, not The Problem

   My work with you will be to support you in your effort to get well.   Your understanding and active participation are essential to effect your recovery.  With my support and feedback, we will examine your individual needs, identify your problems, and propose healing solutions to manage your growth in wellness.

   In creating a healing plan, all levels will be examined-causes, symptoms and contributing behavioral patterns.   You will be educated in a wealth of resources to support your recovery to optimal health.

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