Mind/Body Therapies for Health, Healing & Human Potential

Arlene Prince (845) 258-2021

Warwick, N.Y.

An Investment for Your Life  

    Do you feel stuck in unwanted or negative habits of thought, feeling or behavior?  Are you faced with problems, challenges or issues you can't overcome?  Do you feel unhappy about yourself and/or your life?  Are you just not getting better or achieving your goals or living the life you once dreamed about?  How long has it been since you felt good, really good, about yourself and your life?   Have traditional methods not worked?   Have you been in therapy, with insight about yourself, but still unable to change?  Are you frustrated with 45-50 minute therapy sessions where you feel you barely have time to talk about your troubles, let alone solve them?  When you go to your doctor, are you treated like an illness, a disease, or a body part that doesn't work, instead of a whole, unique person who has an illness or a problem?  Does a 10-15 minute visit with your doctor leave you feeling dissatisfied because there is no time to educate you about how you got sick or how to stay well in the future?  There is no time to ask your questions or have them answered.  You leave unable to take responsibility for your health.  Does it leave you questioning:  What is health care?  What is health?  Where is self-care in health care?  When was the last time you felt healthy, really healthy- vibrant, alive, energized, vital and living a life that felt meaningful to you?   When was the last time you were listened to and you felt really understood?  Why were you never educated to live a more meaningful and vibrant life of optimal wellness and human potential and given the tools to empower you to go beyond wishing and achieve your goals?

   What would it be like to not be a number in a waiting room?  Imagine instead that no waiting room is needed because you are seen at your appointed time.  You can relax in a comfortable private home surrounded by gardens in a park like setting supportive of natural healing.  You have a session that lasts one and a half hours.  There is time to express yourself, ask your questions and be understood as an individual. There is time to be  really listened to by someone who is calmly focused on you, with no distractions.  There is empathy and compassion along with experienced help.

   The nature of the insurance industry does not allow for this level of care.  By personally paying for my services, you receive the time and quality of care you desire and deserve.  Your privacy will be protected  and you will have absolute confidentiality.  This means that you don't get a diagnosis which will be submitted to insurance billing and records that can follow you for the rest of your life.  You will be educated in empowering techniques to help you achieve your goals and improve your life.  These techniques have been researched  at the Mind/Body Medical Institute of Harvard Medical School and other prestigious institutions worldwide since the 1950's.  These are techniques you will use for a lifetime-a truly holistic approach that integrates mind, body, emotions and spirit to guide you through your problems to resolution.  This is a complementary approach that focuses on empowering self-care and will cooperate with your doctors and/or mental health providers.  The techniques you learn will be customized to your needs and recorded as you learn them so you can use them at home between sessions to continue your transforming work.  You leave your session with hope alive in you that you can change; you can grow; you can feel good about yourself; you can live a life that brings you happiness; you can be well; and already, you are feeling so much better. 

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