Mind/Body Therapies for Health, Healing & Human Potential

Arlene Prince (845) 258-2021

Warwick, N.Y.

Holistic Nutrition

   Holistic  nutrition focuses on the role of food and supplements as both disease-preventing tools and healing tools to transform your life and looks from the inside out.  It makes a distinction between dead foods with little or no nutrients and fresh, live, whole foods that feed the life force of the cells of the body creating health, vibrant life, energy and vitality, healthy aging and natural beauty.  

Weight Management

There is no talk of calories, fat grams or weight loss diets.   Instead, my clients are educated in how to eat healthy for life with no starvation or deprivation.   Clients are taught what to buy and how to prepare delicious meals that leave them feeling satisfied  with no food cravings or obsessions, digestive upsets, or unstable moods and energy.

Vitamins, Minerals & Herbs

   Increasing scientific evidence and clinical studies attest to the protective and anti-aging effects of antioxidant vitamins, minerals, herbs, mushrooms and other medicinal plants.  Clients are educated about what quality supplements can do for  health, healing and beauty.

Natural Beauty

   Natural beauty and health are inseparable.   Because what we put onto our skin and hair is absorbed into the body, clients are taught about natural skin and hair products and regimens that create beautiful and healthy skin and hair and are good for the health of their bodies.

Healthy Products for Body and Home

   In addition, the chemical products we use in our homes for cleaning, laundry and maintenance can cause undiagnosed allergies and skin reactions. Clients are provided with natural resources that do no harm to people or the environment.

Support to Reinforce Healthy Lifestyle

   If clients find it difficult to make healthy changes to their diet or lifestyle habits by letting go of old habits that cease to serve them well, I make a custom hypnosis tape for them to reinforce the healthy changes they want to make.

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