Mind/Body Therapies for Health, Healing & Human Potential

Arlene Prince (845)258-2021

Wellness Workshops and Presentations


1.  The Relaxation Response Techniques

2.  Trance-Form Your Life: Self-Help with Self-Hypnosis

3.  Guided Imagery and Affirmations: Harnessing The Power of Your Imagination

4.  Hypnosis: The Amazing Power of Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals

5.  Mindfulness Meditation

6.  Mind/Body Medicine for Optimal Health, Healing, and Human Potential

7.  Live Younger Longer: A Mind/Body Prescription for Healthy Aging for Any Age

8.  Success Over Stress: Stress Management and Energy Revitalization

9.  The Healing Journey

10. A Mind/Body Prescription for The Healing of Your Heart

11. Healthy Weight Management: Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors and Self-Hypnosis to Reinforce the Healthy Changes You Want to Make

12. Healthy Eating: the Healing Power of Whole Natural Foods for Life Long Health

13. The Chakra System: Energy Anatomy, Diagnosis, and Healing: A Map for Self -Understanding

14. Mental Skills Training for Peak Performance in Sports, Academics, The Performing Arts, and the Workplace

15. Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression

16. Chronic Pain Program for Referred Medical Conditions

17. Mind/Body Medicine for Anxiety and Panic Disorders

18. Mind/Body Medicine for Diabetes

19. Workshop: Peak Performance Enhancement for Equestrian Athletes

Two hour training sessions to build mind/body skills.  This workshop was given weekly over a  six week period.

   Most of these workshops have been given successfully in hospitals, medical centers, seminar centers and at the college level.   Many have also been condensed and delivered as talks.

Additional Talks:

   Mind/Body Medicine and the following topics: Cancer; Heart Disease; Infertility; IBS and Digestive Disorders; Stress Related Disorders; Menopause; Pre and Post Surgical Support; Chronic Pain Management; Diabetes;Weight Management. 

The above talks have all been given successfully in hospitals and medical centers.

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